So weekend at last….. But look…. its raining šŸ˜¦

Thoughts about going outside, but now I have to re think what I can do when I go out. I am not able to walk unaided and it this moment in time I am having to use a wheelchair, because if I didn’t I would just go over.

How often do people take just going out for a coffee etc for granted šŸ˜¢ now I have to think about if where I want to go is wheelchair friendly, and how many people it takes to get me my wife and my 2 girls out of the door, now takes a extra pair of hands to do anything really.

I have physio from the home discharge team coming again on Monday, they have said they will try and see if they can get me outside on the crutches, now that will be a milestone and half.

Today has not been the best day, I have really struggled with trying to get my leg to work, along with the emotional and mental side of this condition today has been hard.
I find myself wondering how far I can go? How this is going to effect me and my family and how long it will go in for?

Do I think it is fair for my family to have to deal with this? No, they tell me everytime that they are my family and this is what they are here for, to help each other out, no matter what! God I am soo lucky to have them all in my life helping me! From making me food to helping me up the stairs my family do it all!!

Anyway that enough for today, tomorrow is a new day so hopefully will be a better day.

Stay Safe


#FND #action4FND

One thought on “Weekend

  1. Stay positive, getting on them crutches will be amazing.
    You are doing so well don’t under estimate your progress.
    Don’t be too hard on yourself.
    If this happened to Rachel you would be there unconditionally for her, like you were there for her when Florence was born and she was very ill, you were there šŸ˜˜


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