Another week goes by!

I seem to have missed a few days on the blog, but it sure has given me time to reflect on everything that has been going on around me.

I can tell that everyday has its ups and its downs. Some days are really good and some days not so good. I do tend to heir on the side of caution when I get up, just incase my legs decide they are not going to work and I just hit the deck like a sack of spuds, but today is not one of them days.

I have had the physio come today!! Big goals done! Managed to get up the stairs with my crutch and the aid of the hand rail. That in its self is the biggest achievement I have done to date! Something we all take for granted, just going up the stairs, something that I have not been able to do without going on my bum in a while. I am also just waiting now on the Occupational Therapy people to come and see what they have to say.

I was talking to S today about other people that the neuro physio have seen, there are others out there who suffer from FND, as I know that S works at the RLI near me….. This must mean there are others near me who suffer from this as well. Would it be interesting to try and find these people? Is there a support group for FND suffers in my area? If not is there a chance this could be set up?

They all seem like good questions to me, but how do I answer them? I don’t have Facebook, only Twitter and Instagram who do I find people with FND in my area? This is a question I will think about over the next few days, or if you kind people reading this think of any ideas,let me know.

Anyway off to the daily struggle of making some lunch and a brew, and sitting in the kitchen by myself next to the work top 🙈🙈🙈

Stay Safe people


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