Holding in there!

“Hold in there and keep going”

These are the words in which I hear more and more each day that goes by, it comes in different forms and how people say it, but it is mainly the same thing. Everyone who has said this means well and I will never take this away from them, but by heck I hear it far too much.

Left to right: My Eldest daughter, My nephew and my neice

So what has happened the last few days? Like most weeks, I seem to have a good day followed by a bad day, sometimes these bad days seem to be bunched together, and it feels awful.

This weekend has been a bad weekend for me getting around. Saturday morning I had to be helped out of bed, this was something which doesn’t happen often, but I can tell you its not nice when I have to ask my wife to help me get out of bed, standing up was just so hard, my legs wouldn’t support my weight, and then to top my day off it was shower day, now my shower has a lip on it so getting in and out is a hard unless someone is there with me, which again needing help in and out of the shower is not what a 28 year old man wants help with, at least in a perfect world.

My youngest daughter and my wife Rachel

I have a big week ahead of me next week with and I am sure I am going to become reliant on them close to me, to help me get through the week. I have put some pictures of them who help me so much, if that is physically or mentally, I am also so grateful for them even when they just send a message or a quick phone call to make sure I am okay and if I need anything.

My Brother and sister in law

Me and Rachel have been talking this weekend again about what the future holds and what we might have to do, she is trying her best to try and help me understand that this is a illness which I will have to live with for the rest of my life, and I will be honest I am really struggling with that! I just think that one of these day’s I will be going to see my Dr and they will be like “Okay Matthew, your all better now” This is a physiological battle I am having with myself, but I know I am making progress….slowly….but I am.

Auntie Denise and my mother in law (Gail)

Anyway till next time, stay safe!


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