Never take it for granted.

So what has happened this week? what has gone well? and what has not gone so well?

Physio has gone well this week, with me walking the most I have in over 2 months, I was very proud of the amount of walking I was able to do with the assistance of S and H and of course my trusted crutches, I am sure I will name them soon enough. This was a massive positive for me this week, but just as I thought I had done so well, I fell over, lucky both S and H were here to help. Mine and S’s relationship got a whole lot closer as I fell and he caught me in the best fashion he could, but I am still not going to let that take away how far I was okay with walking aided.

The title of this blog is never take it for granted, and what I mean by this is all them small things in life that we take for granted we shouldn’t. These last few months have been honestly the hardest of my life. All them things like from making a brew and siting down in the living room with a biscuit to just nipping to the shops to grab a drink because you just fancy it, just don’t happen right now.

New FND Action wrist band!

I have spent a fair bit of time this week reflecting on what has happened and how I have got here, I wish I had them answers but I honestly don’t think there is a lot I can do about that. I keep pushing my self to the limit, in my head I will be okay I just need to push through it, but the reality is that this is something that I will have to contend with for the rest of my life, accepting this comes very hard to me.

I hear a lot of the time, “I don’t know how I can help?” I wish I had the answers to this question, honestly there is not a lot anyone can do apart from being there for someone with FND and support them where they need it, even if this is just a text or phone call to ask how that person is okay.

Paul acting the fool to cheer me up ❤️🥥❤️🥥

I re joined the world of Facebook this week to try and get into some of the support groups that are on their, and I have already spoke to a few people who live near me which also have FND. Knowing that I am not the only person dealing with the day to day struggles near me is a massive thing, they are just people like me, who I can talk to and they understand what I am going on about!

Anyway it is Armed forces day and Catch the Wind kite festival over here in Morecambe, and me and Rachel are going to take the girls out onto the prom, it is meant to be nice and warm as well! This will sure give me the lift I feel I need soo much right now!

Getting the knee brace on!

Untill next time! Stay Safe!


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