Ready for the weekend!

Here we are, at the weekend! All ready for a fun packed weekend. Involves doing the weekly shop, Grace has a party to go to and I feel a trip to the big park coming up! The weekend also holds both the Women’s and Men’s final at Wimbledon I’m hoping for Halep and Federer to win the titles.

The weather has been strange this week, one minute it has been dark clouds and next it has been bright sunshine. Whe it wasn’t raining I managed to get a quick picture of the Croc hiding outside 😂😂

Next week is a busy busy week for me, I’m back at the nureolgist on Tuesday and back at SALT on Wednesday, with physio most likely on Monday, first have of the week will be a busy one.

I havnt really slept much the last few days but I think that is not only down to the pain but the anxiety of next week and what that will bring.

I really not sure on what to expect from the nureolgist, I really want to get back to work, but again I have to be realistic. I need to find out what dutys I would be able to complete at work? Working in insurance does mean that I have to talk to alot of clients alot of the time, and with my stutter I wouldn’t want to talk to me, never mind anyone else.

Talking of work, I had a visit from one of my good friends and colleagues this week! So happy to see him, have a good catch up! Really did put a smile on my face thanks Fred!!

This is only a short update today, but I am hoping to get another one done before end of the weekend!

Stay Safe


One thought on “Ready for the weekend!

  1. Great to see you blogging Matthew, I know it’s a big week ahead for you with your neuro appointment etc remember to be kind to you & not to metaphorically beat yourself up! Have a lovely day with your girls & I hope you’re able to stay in the moment as much as possible! Keep going! X


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