Monday feeling…

Monday morning, I would like to say that it has come around really quick, but the reality is that yesterday was such a long day. Up early, Florence not feeling well then Grace picking up on that, and to top it off Rachel is not felling 100% either.

Grace really enjoyed her party on Saturday, we even manged to grab a little bite to eat while we were out. Florence was more interested at looking at the cows then eating her dinner.

Sunday we decided we would head out to the park for a short while, which was lots of fun, the kids decided they wanted a ice cream, soo off they went and crammed there faces!

Yesterday was a long day like I said earlier, and this morning I woke up with my leg and foot in alot more pain then normal! Pass the painkillers please, I have noticed that I can’t straighten my foot properly, the more I think about this I am sure that Rachel mentioned this yesterday but I can’t remember.

S has been to try some more outdoor walking today but was very limited as my foot is doing its own thing today keeps bending in wards and then keeps twitching like mad, like my foot has had about 100 coffee’ lol.

H has been and we have finished off filling in the dreaded PIP form, now the wait begins to find out what they say, and tomorrow is the big day, back to the neurologist to see what he has to say! I am prepared for the appointment with a list of questions etc, now let just see what happens. I will do a blog tomorrow just about the Nuroligist Appointment, untill then.

Stay safe!

One thought on “Monday feeling…

  1. Hope your girls are all starting to feel better soon! Good luck tomorrow too, yes please do share what they say! Sounds like it’s been a productive start to the week for you. I’m not feeling too good today, felt completely wiped out & FND brain & body not engaging! Keep going Matthew x

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