The Big Day!

So the big day came and is nearly at a end now, it has been a good kind of day!

I have been to see the neurologist today, before I went today, I have had a quiet word with myself and told myself that what ever he says then that’s it, I can’t change what he has to say, and I had to take it in my stride.

It started off with him asking me how I felt I had come on since he last saw me, I explained that I felt like I had come on a fair bit, when I first come out of hospital I had to use a frame and could hardly walk, now I can move around the house with 2 crutches, he agreed this was good and a good achievement.

We next discussed how to move forward and what to do next, he explained that unfortunately where I live there is not a great deal I can access apart from what I already have. So after discussing my needs, he has decided to refer me to Prof Edwards down in London. Now while this is a fantastic opportunity because I know Prof Edwards is a FND clinical leader, I know the wait time to see him is going to be large.

We next talked about work and next steps where work is concerned, this is what I had been waiting for, I really wanted to get back into work!! But he has decided that I can not return to work for at least the next few months and then we can review it from there, now this has a big one for me! BAM! No work, now this is gonna take a few days to sink in properly….. During this point the nureolgist explained that I am on the severe end on people he has seen with FND, which again was a shock to me as I’m convinced there are people worse off out there than I am.

He has also asked me to get in touch with my GP to discuss the meds I am on, as he would like me to have some more tablets to try and control my headaches, as this is one of the things that make my symtoms worse.

After I had seen the nureolgist me and the mother in law decided we would jump out and get soke lunch, so off to the Boot and Shoe we went and had a lovely lunch.

After this we headed to town to wait for the wife to finish work so we nipped into Patisserie Valerie for a quick coffee and a small cake!

So good end to the day, well kind of, we got a Amazon Echo on prime day and we have set it up, it likes Rachel more than me. Alexa doesn’t understand me!! God dam stammer!!

Stay safe

3 thoughts on “The Big Day!

  1. You are amazing, you will improve more with time, I know it because you want to you can will your body with your mind.
    You look really well and happy in that pic.
    Auntie D


  2. Yeah, the stammer sucks, right? I got that as my first symptom….. so I can totally relate.
    For me, speech therapy has helped. The techniques and things they have taught do make a noticeable improvement. So hopefully you can find that too.
    The UK does seem to have a better understanding of FND than we do in US, but then again you actually have a medical system. We just have a disorganized money grab… and some sick people, lol.
    Anyway, not meaning to complain here, mostly wanted to say, cheers mate! And I hope we can all find at least some relief and if not a return to the old normal, then a new normal that, while different, is just as good!


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