Not running before you can walk!!

So the weekend has been one that should of been amazing but unfortunately was not anywhere near as good as it should of been.

Friday started the same as any other day, I was feeling a bit rubbish, but I was determined to get the things done that I needed to, it was the late afternoon and I had nipped upstairs to get changed, then out of no where….a drop attack!

Now I have had these before but most of the time I had people around me to catch or help me. Now as I was falling, I don’t no why but I decided I would try and move my crutch in front of me, obviously thinking that I could catch myself, but unfortunately it didn’t work out that way, I ended up on a heep on the floor with my arm more or less up my back and my crutch still on my arm.

I couldn’t get up, my head legs and mostly my arm was hurting soo much!! Panic started setting in and I wasn’t sure what to do, I manged to get my phone out and call Rachel, who luckily was on her way home from work, she calls her Grandad who has a key to come round and help me up, and that he did.

I get down stairs and shortly after Rachel arrives home, she has a look at my arm and says…. It looks swollen already and ask her mum to have a look at it! Gail starts to have a look and then holds my arm….. I nearly scream! I think “oh my god, I have done somthing here!! I’ll be okay I have to be! ”

Next there is a little “discussion” about me going to A&E, me being me, didn’t want to go there again, but as every married man knows what the wife says goes. So after nearly 4 hours in A&E I have broken my wrist – the Scaphoid bone – and damaged some tendons in my inner thumb, I am now sporting a scaphoid splint with a appointment next week to have another Xray and pop a plaster cast on!

Just when I started to get my independence back, now back at square one!

Back to the Doctors today aswell to talk about my medication that I am on. I will do another blog about medications tomorrow! But I have been waiting for this appointment since my nureolgist appointment!

Until next time! Stay Safe!

4 thoughts on “Not running before you can walk!!

  1. Thank goodness you listened to Rachel & went to A&E! It sounds very painful. I’ve fallen several times with my arms in my crutches, so ouchy! I hope
    It doesn’t take too long to heal, must be so hard trying to manoeuvre now & I don’t suppose you can grip your crutch at all? Sending best wishes x

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    1. I havnt tried my crutch, but seeing as I can’t lift grip or put pressure on my wrist at the moment I’m gonna go with I can’t use it lol. I’ll know the full recovery time from this on the 29th when I go back!

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