The Holidays

So its that time of year again, Children have finished school, teachers get a well earned break and kids are roaming the streets. Now being married to a secondary school teacher does have its challenges, the big one not being able to match up holidays and time off, but thanks to FND we have the next 6 weeks off at the same time. Now this has to a bonus in which ever way you look it, granted I am not fit for work but hey it is going to nice having someone around for a few weeks.

Me and Rachel

So what has happened so far this week? I had a doctors appointment with not my own doctor but another one, who seemed to understand what is going on, but it did puzzle me when she said she couldn’t sign prescriptions and would need to get another doctor to sign, next minute another doctor just apears from no where, now this doctor hasked me only a few questions and was asking if I did exsersize, now if you know me, before all this back in May, I was a very active young man, now I must weigh say 10 stone, soacking wet, so I didnt really understand his question, the other doctor later told me that if I dont exsersixe the tablets I am on can make me put weight on at a large level, and if im honest I could do with putting a few pounds on. LOL.

My little friend from the garden!

So with that I am now on beta blockers to try and help prevent that headaches (but was warned not to just stop taking these tablets, I asked about the pain and the Gabapentin which I had discussed with the nureoligist when I saw him, but the “more experienced” doctor just said he was okay with putting me on the beta blockers but he needs to talk to the nueroligist before he puts me on anything else, so just keeping taking paracetamol and give them a call in a few weeks and we can review. Well fantanstic I will stick on taking them and just be in pain all day long, ah well.

While I have been sat out in the garden writting this today, my next nureoligist appointment has landed, which is in November, but my clinic notes have not yet arrived, so off I go to give them a call to find out how long it takes to have these sent out to me.

In other non related FND news, my peas are almost ready!! See below!!

Untill next time

Stay Safe!

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