So what will today’s blog entail? That is a good question, makes me wonder if this blog is just me ranting, putting my thoughts down somewhere? I am going to print out all my post and have a read, that should be interesting. Think today I am just going to put them things in my head on here!

First up, I would like to report that the new tablets I am on, work well! I do have to make sure I eat with the tho, as they can make me feel sick if I haven’t eaten. I have very nearly finished the antibiotics that I have been on……no 5 am wake up just to take the dam tablets. I have to say that for the first time in months I am not in pain for at least 4 hours in the day time! It is amazing!!

I did have a new physio come and see me this week, and after some advise from folks, I had printed some information off about FND, just in case. I was nit sure what to expect, if you have spoken to me, you will no that since May I have had a stutter which when talking to someone is very hard to explain well anything really, I will come back to this in a minute. To my surprise the physio “J” has dealt with a few people with FND, and knew alot about the condition and how to help, so I was very happy with this. I what I have learned is that my stamina is no where near as good as it was. I will do a more in depth blog about physio at a later date, but “J” seems very nice, so I am looking forward to our sessions.

So back to the stutter, before I was taken into hospital in May, I had what most people considered a “Normal” life, now that life has been tipped on it’s head and one thing I struggle with is my speech, while I am working on this is can be very frustrating and annoying. I try talking and sometimes I can hear what I sound like and sometimes I don’t. I try and talk to people and one thing that really grinds me is when people finish what I’m trying to say. I can do it! just please be patient!!

FND has alot to answer for, for alot of different people, and with me been diagnosed with this really disabling condition I have lost a few friends, some of them have just disappeared, gone, fallen from the earth. On the other hand I have gained some really good new friends, people who, before I would of never had the reach to talk to them! I really feel like I have made some new friends for life! Not just from the UK but from around the world! WE ARE #FNDWARRIORS TOGETHER!! You guys know who you are! Love you all ❤ ❤

I am also thinking of starting a support group up in my area, for people with FND, just a meet up maybe once a month, even if it is only for a hour, I am sure people would love it! So if you are a FNDWARRIOR or know someone who is, then drop me a message for more details, I would love to hear from you!

Well this is me till weekend, I am off to read about something called Hygge, My good friend @Mwrites2 has done a blog post about it helps her with her FND. Check it out by clicking her picture below!!

Untill next time Stay safe!!

4 thoughts on “Friends?

  1. Love to read your blogs Matt. This must be so unimaginably difficult for you but your attitude amazes me. Wishing you all the very best. Lots of love xx

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