Bringing people together

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Hello? Are you there? Let’s begin…

So here we are the 6 week holidays are over, the children are back off to school and teachers are all back to work. The last 6 weeks seems to at times to have flown by. This for me means I am back to being in my own, Rachel back to work and me trying to figure out how to deal with things on my own, the only big difference now is that I don’t have my brother to lean on as much as he is recovering from ankle surgery.

In the last few weeks I have been quiet with blogging, I feel I have been taking up a lot of my time trying to see Rachel before she gets back to work, but I have still had my appointments etc, which brings me to my first point in this blog. I have had my plaster cast off!! The bone has healed and I even got to see the bone which broke in the first place, gutted I could have a picture if it but I am just glad it is all healed and doesn’t need surgery, I do have to wear a  support for a while, but I think I need it. 

On top of this I had my PIP  face to face assessment late last week, and it went okay, I have asked for a copy of my report to be sent out which they have said it will be with me by the end of the week, won’t tell me if I have been awarded anything but at least I can see what they have said about me. 

The title of this blog post today is Bringing people together, now what do I mean about this? I look around me to see if there are any others in my area which deal with FND, and I can’t find many, not to mention having the courage to get myself out there and talk to someone. Now if I take a few steps back to my last post, you may remember that Dean had dropped a tweet with the hashtag of #fndfamily, so I ran with it and our little family now has a group chat which we all talk to each other in. This was going for a few days and I had another idea, what if this FND Family could all video chat with each other, what if there are people out there who deal each day with FND but cant get the courage to make it to meetings, well I am sure they would join a video chat and talk to others. 

So with that FND Family Chat was born, still at very early stages but I am determined, and so are others. The plan is to have 2 meetings a week one in the afternoon and one in the evening, online audio and video chat for all them who have/care/have a interest in FND. I have searched around and can’t find anything like it, and I am sure people who talk to each other online a lot , would like to put a face to a name. Now them involved in the “trial run” today, can you send me a message and let me know if you found it useful and how you think it can improve please? 

I am also still on the look out for a new hoodie….any ideas….let me know. 

Anyway enough rambling from me! 

Until next time, stay safe


2 thoughts on “Bringing people together

  1. Fab post Matthew, can’t wait to join in the FND video chat next time! I think there are a few FND hoodies on ETSY or we could always design our own! I’ve got a purple one with FND warrior on the back. X

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