A little bit of everything

Hello! Hope you are well? Todays blog is going to be just a little bit of everything. A catch up of what I have been up too, and what has been on my mind.

Now, where to start? That is a good question. My last post covered FND and mental health, this in its self was hard for me to talk about, and it has given me a lot of time to think over it. I decided that I really might need some help, so I have completed a self referral to Mind Matters to see if they can help with mental health, it might end up that they can’t, but I really need to walk down this road and explore every option.

One thing I did want to mention here in my blog is that I was contacted recently by a chap who is doing some fund raising by walking from Cambridge to Paris. He is completing this walk with adventurer James Ketchell. He is hoping to visit some schools on the way to raise some awareness. When I was first contacted about this I was amazed! Totlay taken back, by the fact that someone is doing this massive 288 mile trip, walking! What a inspiration to all of us. You can follow him on Twitter by searching for @cambridgetopariswalk or if you would like me, would like to donate his page is


So what else has been going on you ask? I have been trying to get out and about a little bit more, this does have its challenges, making sure we have every I need to be able to get out, but I have managed to take the mids to a little farm near me at the weekend. This is a massive goal for me, just seeing them running around for a short while made it worth all the pain that had by doing this.

This week I also went back to the drop in centre, it is a fantastic little centre which runs a wide range of activities, and even has a sensory room and a cafe. I managed to stay a hour before it all got a little too much for me, what makes it worse is I didn’t have Rachel there this time to calm me down and re center me. A lesson learnt for me, realised I don’t think I am just ready for that kind of exposure right now.

Talking of Rachel, its half term next week, which means she will be home all week! I know some days he will be tied down with planning etc, but I may just get one day just me and her! Something that I do take far too much for granted. We don’t get a lot of time just me and her, so the thought of just been able to get a day really lifts my spirits.

As the time goes on, it draws near to all my big meetings, I have my MDT at the end of October, neurologist appointment early November and then the really big one, London early December. Not sure what to expect from the but only time will tell.

I have set my self a goal to try and get a blog post out twice a week so should not be too long until you hear from me again.

Hope you have enjoyed my ramblings for now. Talk again soon and remember, stay safe!


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