The Eden Project North

Hello everyone, todays blog is going to look at something different “The Eden Project North”

I decided to write about something that doesn’t involve my FND (too much) and here it is.

So as some of you maybe awear, I live in a little seaside town called Morecambe, somewhere on the coast up in the north of the UK. You may also know that down south in Cornwall, in 2001 The Eden Project was born, and in the news recently there has been some talk about The Eden Project opening right here, in Morecambe dubbed The Eden Project North.

Now the big question for the locals round here, is what does this mean for Morecambe? What benefit will we see?

I spoke with one of the people involved in the project, his name was Si Bellamy he is one of the people involved within the project. Now the things I asked it was around the added traffic that this may cause to Morecambe? He explained that they would be encouraging people to use a “park and ride” scheme, and they wouldn’t be adding more parking than what is necessary to the area, one thing he did point out would that they would run a assesibity area of parking , while this wouldn’t be limited to people with blue badges, if someone who had broken their leg for example and let them know before hand they would make sure that there would be a parking space available to them.

One of the biggest points for me are that I’m looking into the future not 5 years but 10 – 15 years, I want to make sure that if my children stay around here, there is things for them to do, jobs created and a good source of education involved in the project. Si explained that they have already started something with the local college around The Eden Project, they are working with someone to create a whole new degree at Lancaster Universty again based around The Eden Project. He went on to explain that they are looking at creating over 300 jobs at the site, and over 4000 jobs around the region.

Artist impression of The Eden Project North

Now what is ment by this you ask? It is that if someone comes to The Project and they may need to stay over at a hotel and look for somewhere to sit and have food etc, this would create a demand for more jobs needed to be able to deal with the added people coming to the area, and as Si explained this has already started with people coming to have a look at plans etc, then they would nip into the local Costa or Cafe for a drink, which in turn means adding more money for the local community.

Now this project doesn’t come cheap, they are looking p or the £80 million mark to get this up and running, they have already secured some funding and are hoping to gain some more when the budget is out in a few weeks. They are estimating around 760,000 visitors to the site a year, but will be able to accommodate a million people across the year, with around 4000 people a day.

Now I don’t think I have ever seen this kind of numbers around here, and even looking backing to the 1970s when Morecambe had its highs, I’m not sure that many people came then. This project could turn Morecambe around, put it on the map! I know that The Eden Project in Cornwall since 2001 has had over 20 million visitors, now if Morecambe would be able to even get half of them numbers coming to the area it would boost the economy by a huge margin. Things could start to look up for this small little seaside town.

Now there is still a,ong way to go, with them projection they could open in 2023, but every thing seems to be on full steam ahead with work on the site, possibly starting as early as next year!

This has my support 100% the prospects of being able to have something to do in Morecambe and my children receiving a education with something that is right here, and the outlook for future of Morecambe is soo bright I need my sunglasses.
For more information please go to

Until next time!

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