FND, Birthday, Work and COVID-19

……Here we are, as the days draw longer and we go into spring, things start to move so much faster than I expected…….

Let me start off with a apology it has been a while since I have done a blog post but life has had so many twist and turns over the last few weeks, it has been hard to find the time to post anything up.

I will try and post at least once a week, I will make it part of my weekly to do list!

So what has happened over the last few weeks you ask? Well I have started back with a phase return to work, it has been my Birthday and I have been trying to educate people on my condition.

So the education part, this seems to be something that I do everyday, if it is to a Dr that I see all the way to a work colleague who might ask me about it, understanding a condition like FND can sometimes be hard to wrap your head around, and for people who are reading this for maybe the first time and wondering what it is well…. There is a problem with my brain sending the right signals to the right parts of my body, they either don’t make it there or send them in the wrong direction. Sometimes my arms can just do what ever they like, which can making a brew very intresting 🤣🤣👏👏

So the big news is that I have finally started a phase return to work. Its only a few hours a week, but hey it is better than not being there at all. I can tell you that returning to work was the hardest thing I have had to do in a while. The emotions that you run through you is unreal. A million questions run through your head, what will people say? Will they stare at me because now I walk with a stick? Will they ask a lot of questions? Well this was they very opposite and everyone I have seen has been very nice and not made a big deal about it, I have to say a massive thanks to Freddie who has been a real rock for me while being at work, taking the time to help me when I need it! The guy has been a legend! I have only done a few days, but I can tell you it has not been without its problems, being forgetful, concentration levels and the fatigue has been hard but I have just have to take each week as it comes!

As some of you know it was my Birthday this week, and I did try and keep it on the down low, I didn’t want a fuss over it, and when I went to work I thought I had got away with it! But nope everyone at work had chipped in and got me a cake and a card, which was very nice if them, thank you to them all!! I didn’t do too much when I came home, just had a nice takeaway with my girls, which is what I needed! I got some really nice presents which you can see below!

Arthur Fleck – Birthday Present

My mental health right now, seems to be in a good place, I am now trying to get back into work, I a, getting at least 5/6 hours sleep a night and I seem to be doing well. I have been to some really dark places over the last 9 months, I really hope I am last the worst of it. I have learnt that bottling up any thoughts that I have is really nit a good idea, and at any given chance you should talk to someone about it, doesn’t matter who you are, being with your own thoughts and not telling someone about them is not healthy. So make sure you talk to someone, even if you are feeling good…..tell someone that you are!!

Xbox Controller Print – Birthday Present

The big thing which has been dominating the news of late is this story on the Cronavirus (COVID-19) The world has gone into shock over how to contain and control this virus. Some country’s have been hit with it a lot worse than others, here in the UK we are very luck that we have a amazing health service who are always looking for ways to help, if this is how we contain the cases we have or looking for a cure. I have read online that some people are stock piling foods and daily essentials like we are going to have a complete shut down and nothing will be left in the shops, silly if you ask me, but some people just can’t help them selves. On average 8000 people in the UK die of influenza a year, and COVID-19 is just a different case of a similar virus, but we don’t go mad over possibly getting the common cold……..

Anyway, I’m still here and trying to live my life the best I can, having had to make some big life changes, even on daily activity’s. I have good days and I have bad days, just like everyone else, but sometimes I just need that little bit more help. Thanks to everyone for being YOU.

Remember everyday is a learning day!!

Until next time, stay safe!!