Is this the new normal?

What has been going on over the last few weeks you ask?

Well I have started back at work, only a very few hours a week but it’s a start I suppose. It has been difficult to settle back into the workplace with various noises I’m not used to and the concentration levels needed can be difficult. None the less I try my hardest every day I attend.
It has been very strange returning at this time, as there is soo much changing everyday due to this COVID-19 with more and more people self isolating and distancing been put in place.

Which brings me to my next topic, as everyone is fully awear as it is dominating the news, COVID-19 has devastated the world with some country’s having more than 80,000 confimed cases, here is the UK as of today there is more than 14,000 confirmed cases. This number is not accurate as we are always 2 days behind and that the government is only testing front line staff and people in hospital.

The government told us that only 1% of the population would get this virus and less than 1% would Unfornatly lose there lives, but if we look at the current stats of 113,777 people tested and 14,543 of them tested positive that makes it at 12% of people tested are positive, and even worse that 759 people have sadly lost there life to it which makes it 5.2%. This is shocking and I pray that it will not get any worse than the current figures.

The unfortunate news for myself if that, I have not been very well this week, with a bad cough and been extremely exhausted, and with the news that got to me mid week that I have in fact been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, means the likely hood of my having this virus is very high. It has yet to hit home that I might actually have the virus and luckly my FND hasn’t flared up yet, but there is still time.

So from a self isolating Matthew, who is not in the his best form right now. Please stay safe and stay home, to protect lives the best we can.

Untill next time


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