Lockdown and FND

Well here we are, 3 weeks into the lock down and things don’t seem to getting any better. So here is my blog to keep you busy for a few minutes, so sit back and enjoy where ever you maybe?

What has been going on over the last few weeks? Well after spending the last 7 months at home by myself for the best part of 10 hours a day, I finally made it back to work, but as soon as I get the all clear from my works Occupational Health and the Doctors, COVID-19 seems to have taken over. I am only doing a few hours a week but at least it is getting me back into the swing of things. Saying that as soon as I got back, my work started placing people on working from home, and using the social distancing measures in place.

As I said in my last blog, I had been in close contact with someone that had tested positive for the virus and I fell ill. The government wouldn’t test me as I wasn’t in hospital nor was I classed as a key worker, only advice I got was to stay at home, and everyone in my household had to stay at home for 14 days. That 14 days ended this week and we were able to go out and about, but only for a short walk or to go to the shops if we needed it.

I have to say a big thanks to everyone who has helped out over the last few weeks, getting shopping etc, Both my brothers Paul and Chris have been amazing, picking up some shopping for us and even bringing it to the door. My condition is not classed as one at high risk which I am very happy about, as this means I can still leave the house, which I am still yet to do.

My work called in the middle of last week and explained that they have now ordered me a work from home kit, and to sit tight till it came, and there would be instructions on how to set it all up when it arrived. Well it arrived late on Wednesday, and my days, 14 pages on how to set it all up, that was a task in itself. My brain didn’t want to work and I really did struggle to set it all up. In the end I had to make a few phone calls to make sure it was all set up right. On Thursday I took part in my teams conference call, that was really good, even just to chat with everyone for a little bit and hear some familiar voices.

I have been very sick over the last few weeks with what I can only assume was the virus, all I wanted to do was sleep, my head was banging and I was aching all over, coupled with a bad cough, it wasn’t very good at all. Fortunately, it didn’t have a bad effect on my FND, but I am feeling the after effects now, today has to be this first day that my legs don’t want to work like they have been and I am exhausted. Everything seems to be starting to take its toll on me.

The best thing about this lockdown is that now I am working form home, I am no longer by myself. I now get to see Rachel every day and she is at home most of the time, which some people may think is a downer, but after spending so much time at home on my own, its amazing.

April is FND Awareness month, and I have seen a lot going on in and around this condition, with more and more people starting to blog about it and Doctors now becoming more aware about this hidden condition. A few weeks ago on the BBC there was a program on call Hospitals, and this episode just looked at the condition I was diagnosed with nearly a year ago, which no one had ever heard of. Now it seems to be getting more out there and hopefully more and more people will know about this condition.

I saw my Neurologist last month and he was very happy with the progress I have made, but has also warned me about the problems that I may face if I start doing too much too soon. He also made some suggestions about my meds that I am on and said that he send a letter to my GP to sort, which didn’t take too long and the GP was on the phone discussing the options with me. Hopefully with the new meds I am on, I won’t be having so many headaches / migraines which has the knock-on effect with my FND.

This brings me onto the last part of my blog, and that is that, no matter who you are or where every you are, make sure you are talking to your family and friends, even it is just a text to ask how they are doing, or having video call with loved ones. This Virus has taken the UK by storm and no one really knows what is around the corner.

My life has changed soo much over the last 12 months and it has shown me the people who I can really rely on and the ones which I can’t. I have met new friends which I will have for life, the dynamic in my family home has changed. I have come to accept my condition which I know is hard for some people to grasp, I have accepted that this is a lifelong condition and where some days I have good ones, there will be days when I have bad ones and some where I am really bad but this will not stop me on going for the things I want to do in life.

Next weeks blog, I am going to talk about Mental Health and the effects from FND, and where I am now with it all. Just a head’s up as it might be a little upsetting for some to read, but I feel like talking about it will help and may help others showing they are never alone.

Happy Easter and Stay Safe

Love to all!

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