The Big Day!

So the big day came and is nearly at a end now, it has been a good kind of day! I have been to see the neurologist today, before I went today, I have had a quiet word with myself and told myself that what ever he says then that’s it, I can’t change what […]

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Monday feeling…

Monday morning, I would like to say that it has come around really quick, but the reality is that yesterday was such a long day. Up early, Florence not feeling well then Grace picking up on that, and to top it off Rachel is not felling 100% either. Grace really enjoyed her party on Saturday, […]

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Ready for the weekend!

Here we are, at the weekend! All ready for a fun packed weekend. Involves doing the weekly shop, Grace has a party to go to and I feel a trip to the big park coming up! The weekend also holds both the Women’s and Men’s final at Wimbledon I’m hoping for Halep and Federer to […]

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Looking to the future.

So first of all, let me apologise for the lack of blogging over the last few days. It has been a busy few days, with a lot going on, physically and mentally. So where to start with this blog, what has been happening since my last post? It was Grace’s birthday on Friday, she turned […]

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New Week, New Month

So here we are, a whole new week and a whole new month. It is the start of July, and by heck where has the last few months gone. This month is going to be a busy month for me and my family, both my girl’s birthday this month and again a lot of appointments […]

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Never take it for granted.

So what has happened this week? what has gone well? and what has not gone so well? Physio has gone well this week, with me walking the most I have in over 2 months, I was very proud of the amount of walking I was able to do with the assistance of S and H […]

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Holding in there!

“Hold in there and keep going” These are the words in which I hear more and more each day that goes by, it comes in different forms and how people say it, but it is mainly the same thing. Everyone who has said this means well and I will never take this away from them, […]

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