Men have feeling too!

Hello? Are you there? Yes, it’s me Matthew  Now have a seat where ever you may be reading this, it may just be a good read! Firstly sorry for the lack of a blog post or even any action on my social media, I have really been trying to get my head around be back […]

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Bringing people together

Knock knock Hello? Are you there? Let’s begin… So here we are the 6 week holidays are over, the children are back off to school and teachers are all back to work. The last 6 weeks seems to at times to have flown by. This for me means I am back to being in my […]

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Keep pushing forward!

Hi there again, I hope you are well, Are you sat down? Got a drink and maybe a snack? Yes? Okay, let’s talk about what has been happening and how things have been for me since my last installment of A Day living with FND. I have been a little quiet on my social media […]

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Hello? Is anyone there? Yeah? Ok, sit down grab your brew and get comfy, let’s all talk about what we have been up to. I’m sure you have had a really busy few weeks, keeping up with what ever you have to be doing. I know I have. I am trying to look back over […]

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So what will today’s blog entail? That is a good question, makes me wonder if this blog is just me ranting, putting my thoughts down somewhere? I am going to print out all my post and have a read, that should be interesting. Think today I am just going to put them things in my […]

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The New Normal

So here we are Friday, and what a week it has been. Had a new cast put on my arm, S saw me for the final time, I’m having a wheelchair assessment done and I attended my first social gathering since May. I have also had a really good appointment at speech therapy this week. […]

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