Moving Forward?

Hello everyone how are you doing? Got your drink in your hand? Sat down and ready to read? Okay…..Here goes. Well what has changed and what will I be talking about today? Well the first thing is here in the England we are back into National lockdown; sucks I know but I suppose we have […]

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Podcast and The News

Hello, how are you all doing? Been while since my last blog, but I have been busy with other things, so I do apologise for the lack on content but here goes. As always sit back grab your tipple of choice and enjoy this blog post. I have lost my way a little bit with […]

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A Lost Hope

Hello, how are you doing? Is everything okay? It is me again, here writing down my thoughts and hoping that someone is listening, sit back read and enjoy. I titled this weeks blog A lost hope, now what do we really mean by this? what relevance does it have to me and my life. the […]

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Welcome to 2020

For them who are new to my blog, in the middle of last year I was dignosed with Function Nuerolical Disorder (FND) FND is a condition in which patients experience neurological symptoms such as weakness, movement disorders, sensory symptoms and blackouts. The brain of a patient with functional neurological symptom disorder is structurally normal, but […]

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Looking Forward

Hello? Are you there? Sorry it has been a while since my last blog, but I have been finding myself either really busy with appointments, family and real life things . So sit back and enjoy the read, what ever time it is, or where ever you are. Ready? So what have I been up […]

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Work, Job & Career

Hello, how are you doing? I really hope you are well, go and grab your cup of coffee or tea sit down and relax for 10 minutes while you have a read of this week’s blog.   Right, sat down and ready? Here we go….. I wanted to write about work this week, the topic which […]

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Bringing people together

Knock knock Hello? Are you there? Let’s begin… So here we are the 6 week holidays are over, the children are back off to school and teachers are all back to work. The last 6 weeks seems to at times to have flown by. This for me means I am back to being in my […]

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Keep pushing forward!

Hi there again, I hope you are well, Are you sat down? Got a drink and maybe a snack? Yes? Okay, let’s talk about what has been happening and how things have been for me since my last installment of A Day living with FND. I have been a little quiet on my social media […]

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Looking to the future.

So first of all, let me apologise for the lack of blogging over the last few days. It has been a busy few days, with a lot going on, physically and mentally. So where to start with this blog, what has been happening since my last post? It was Grace’s birthday on Friday, she turned […]

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